I'm here to work with all "Preppers" from newbies to experienced pro's.  Preparing for the unexpected is what the survival lifestyle is all about. From the electromagnet pulse "EMP" which could potentially send us back to the stone age, to a weekend without running water. 


Thomas "Prepper"
Founder and Principal

From the very early days of camping and trapping in the wilderness with homemade traps, eating "cat tail" tubers, harvesting sap and preparing my own maple syrup, fishing by use of homemade sharpened sticks for hooks, making my own rope from plant fibers, crafting my own knives from flintrock, I've always known that the wilderness survival techniques will always be ingrained in my core. 

I've not only studied everything that I could get my hands on, but I would put it all to test. Reading the books on how to make bread from "seasoned" acorns was not enough. I had to do it. I leached the bitter tannen from the nuts by soaking  in a stream like the Indians did.  From those early days I've lived the lifestyle of always being prepared and I haven't stopped. Preparing isn't an event.... rather it's an enjoyable steady growth. 

Over the years we have learned and built on the basics. WATER, FOOD, SECURITY, WILDERNESS SKILLS, COMMUNICATION, FIRST AID and more. 

A few short years ago, my wife while relaxing at a resort, asked, because of my constant journey, what am I afraid of?

After careful thought I answered....

I'm afraid of not being able to take care of my family!

She's now an integral part of my never ending journey. 

Wilderness camping in the heart of the blue ridge mountains near the Appalachian trail.

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