Sustainable living

Garden and firewood

With a small garden you can grow enough food to feed a small family all winter long. However the garden needs to be nourished, fed, loved and rotated.  Always remember that you never treat your soil like dirt.  We can teach food preservation methods such as canning, pressure cooking and freeze drying. The firewood  will keep us warm this winter.

Farm pond

It's critical to have an abundant supply of water in an emergency. We're blessed with this pond with a bounty of bass and crappie. Water is also a magnet for deer, turkey and many other animals. 

Rain water barrels

200 gallons of rainwater at our disposal. We've since improved on this substantially by adding an insulation blanked with heat it the winter to keep from freezing. We've added a small electric pump so we can use pressure to fertilize the garden. Rain water is so much better for a garden than chlorinated city water. 

Preparing eggs to freeze dry

From our free range hens we gather our eggs daily. This batch we're preparing  for the freeze dryer.  25  year shelf life with no substantial change in flavor, color or nourishment. 

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